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January 10, 2013


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The Adventure Begins!

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 10, 2013, 12:30 AM


Story thus far: As Satsu’s spirit guides us down the path that leads to the fortress, many teams split up to help villagers from rampant evil. Several days may have passed, the evil spreading out farther and some warriors even about to give up on this unceasing trial, but all of them push through as they near the source of the malignant aura.

Appearing before several teams are some of our strongest warriors turned corrupt: Azami, Kanmuri, Hajime, Ran and Fei. Our levels cannot compete against the bosses equally, so we must team up. They are incredibly fierce and strong enemies each having their fortes and weaknesses. They block the path to the justice!


Team Quest(Team mission): In order to protect the village from the rampant evil and save Momo, we first must get past the five obstacles that impede us.

Summary:  Each team must make their way up to the fortress that Momo is being held captive, but that doesn’t mean there’s a clear path. Some of our very trusted peers stand in our way, and we must defeat them!
In your teams, impede the boss that stands in your way! TEAMWORK between both OC’s and members must be evident. Remember to look at your teammates’ profiles to see what classes and weapons they chose and think of a strategy to defeat the boss.

In order to defeat your boss, you must guess the answers three riddles that give three separate answers. The answers that you come up with are PROMPTS you must use in your collaboration. These prompts are NOT the same as the boosting prompts. Please NOTE your teammates on your answers and do NOT notify any other team of your answers.  All three prompts can go into one piece, or three separate ones.
:new:There are THREE separate answers, ONE for EACH riddle. Please only give ONE answer per riddle.
Any form of collaboration between teammates is allowed, as long as all teammates participate. (i.e. A group collab picture, a collab picture with a relating story entry, a collab story with a relating picture, a comic strip, etc.)

Prompt answers do not have to be exact, as long as it's generally correct.
1 prompt answered correctly = Injury on the boss
2 prompts answered correctly = Stunning the boss
3 prompts answered correctly = Defeating the boss (NOT killing!)

List of teams
(You may label your team with a name or call yourself a guild, whatever you please.)

Team Leader
Eimi's outfit by Shikafy

Aki Rahu Knight by Sorceress2000 HSV - Haru RPG by Wolffie12
::RPG:: Marksmen Dou by NeskaMD HSV RPG:: Nagisa Yoshida the Cleric by BayneezOne Necromancer Satu by estrellas-de-plata
HSV .:RPG:. - Benkei The Knight (Version 2.0) by dreamchaser21 HSV RPG: Tamiko Profile by yinyangswings RPG Profile: Akiko by KyiraStarborne HSV RPG ARC Necromancer by k1deki
Atsuo the knight by Ram3nLuvr666 HSV RPG: Kuroku the Rogue by Sharky618 HSV: Kiyoshi - RPG-card by Jyukai-KoudanRPG Paladin Airisu Murasaki by hynoryuu
Ubume RPG template by Shikafy HSV: Yukiko the Bard by Pack69Alpha HSV RPG - Ayumi by Dazed--Flame Natsumi Tsukino RPG by kromogami18
HSV- Fu is a Paladin by AppleAlchemy Raiden's RPG Profile by kelsanity
:thumb347462796: ~:~HSV RPG~:~ Aiko the Necromancer by iLupinus :iconbrightscales009:'s Kasumi
:thumb347392770: Harumi Akane - RPG Profile by PeanutHime :iconcutekoi2903:'s Kiyo
HSV RPG: Rogue Koemi by mkat7 blegh by RandomeDragon HSV: Hotaru Bard by SublimeSalt
HSV: Jun the Illusionist. RPG. by MayaNara :thumb347013781: Chinatsu's RPG Template by EmiMizuki
HSV: RPG Eita : Marksmen by innocent-rebel Paladin Angel : HSVRPG by phoenixdragon17   DaikiRPG by Tenshi--Hikari
RPG Shiroi: Marksman by feganten RPG Profile: Kiyoshimo Nadare by hyuga-hime
HSV RPG Mitsuo by wafflemax HSV: RPG Niro by NejiRenji15 :iconventus25:'s Kaji
Kaminari RPG Profile by Kris10-Karleskint  Nadeshiko - Necromancer Lvl. 22 by MissRabennest :thumb348008520:
HSV: RPG Naoki will Boost you by MiyoKitten HSV: Keiko RPG Card by anniberri :thumb347193038:
:thumb347180997: :thumb347063052: :thumb347008388: Ayase HSV rpg by Friday70
HSV: RPG MARKSMEN KURAYAMI by YumeeChan  HSV:Tsubaki as Rogue by NissaNii

HSV RPG Kujou by Kazuko15 HSV - Miyakejima RPG Profile by Honoka--chan :thumb347713550:
Kori's RPG stuff by Almost---There Sora the Knight by TraceofHatred Hsv: RPG - Rentaro Warashi by BrookeVeil
HSV: RPG Profile by Sukieyo HSV: Kokoro RPG Card by Maya1121 HSV RPG : Kotone by Hannami
Taira the Bard  (16-bit hero) - HSV RPG by darthmadigan Beast Tamer Shusei by Tiniest-Peach-Dragon Rebisu Takanaka - Rogue by yhette

Italic characters= Their profiles are not done yet

** If there are any problems with the current team matchups, you’re not on this list or submitted your form after posting, note Shika and/or Bay ASAP.

BOSS: Kanmuri
Riddle 1: They turn death back around and raise them up from the ground
Riddle 2: Getting along can be quite a feat, but without them life would be incomplete
Riddle 3: Half of a whole
Teams against her:
2, 1, 12, 17, 21

BOSS: Azami
Riddle 1: They can cause your imagination to consume your enemy
Riddle2: I may be used to give you knowledge or simply to entertain.
Riddle 3: I give you a clearer view of the world.
Teams against her:
14. 8, 11, 18, 13

Riddle 1: A great source of food, material or medicine
Riddle2: Take care of it and it will take care of you.
Riddle 3: Every living organism does it, but while it happens we do not notice.
Teams against her:
7, 10, 16, 19

BOSS: Hajime
Riddle 1: My place of birth
Riddle2: From the same origin, brought fourth at the same time.
Riddle 3: Half of a whole
Teams against him:
6. 15, 20, 14

Riddle 1: Long and deadly and created to kill.
Riddle2: White and red will blend together and this is what you get.
Riddle 3: A fine edge that can induce a shrill pain.
Teams against her:
3, 5, 9, 4

The deadline for these entries is Saturday January 19th, entries afterwards will still be considered a team mission, but may be missed in the next event blog.

Bosses' Mission

And now... Meet your

:mwahaha: Evil Bosses:mwahaha:

HSV  RPG - Hade by Sorceress2000HSV RPG - Joshua the Necromancer by jesterry Azami, dark elf nightmare caster by spadiekitchenqueen Dark Mage - Necromancer Kanmuri by Rikku9314Dark medic - Evil Ran by RachikoHSV RPG Hajime by fuusunshine

:mwahaha: More Baddies:mwahaha:

Other TEAM LEADERS may also turn evil if they wish!

Please use this template for baddies:

If you decide to come to the bad side, please notify your team. You may note or ask the other villains to participate in a collab piece.

HSV: Koume - Paladin by Jyukai-KoudanBuntaro the Demon Born by spadiekitchenqueen

All evil bosses may collab with each other in some way to unleash the chaos that you have caused by solving at least one of the riddles associated to your character. Your answer must also be somehow incorporated into your entry(s).

Side Quests

Individual boosting can also be acquired with prompts as SIDE QUESTS in the RPG world. Powerful bosses have left a trail of destruction in the village and it is up to us to clean up their mess. They may involve defeating minions sent from the boss, to collecting ingredients to remake lost potions.
These prompts are to be used in your own INDIVIDUAL entries.

You may use more than one character’s prompts to get boosts, but prompts will be used as usual, every 5 prompt in one stat = 0.5 stat points.

??? (Intelligence): Experience // Advantage // Sneaking around // Plan // Final Boss
Hade (Stamina): Enchant // Initiative // Critical mass // Downtime // Encounter
Joshua (Seals): Purify // Spells // Spirits // Sparkles // Staff
Azami (Genjutsu): Confusion // Conceal // Hinder // Wing it // Wand
Fei (Taijutsu): Knuckles // Bulls eye // Power-up // Sword in the stone // Combo breaker
Kan (Ninjutsu): Reflection // Fairies // Restoration // Breeze // Gateway
Hajime (Force): Savage // Shield // Bash // Beast // All mighty
Ran (Speed): Creeping vine // Flourish // Metamorphosis // Skyward // Glow

There is no time limit for boosting in this event, but please submit it to the proper folder. These will be posted again in a blog in the future.

Please ask any questions or inquiries to Shika or Bay.

Joshua and Hade both guard the entrance to the cave. They are unwilling to fight until you defeat the bosses that appear before you, but they do give us but ONE warning:
You cannot win for we have the ultimate weapon;
a harbinger that will shake you with fear. Give up while you can.

(Please click)


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Like, even if you were only writing about Kan, you can use still use Azami's prompts from the list xD
kromogami18 Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2013  Student Interface Designer
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CHAPTER 2 : [link]
CHAPTER 3 : [link]
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