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November 15, 2012


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Thu Nov 15, 2012, 1:05 PM by Sorceress2000:iconsorceress2000:
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Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics

1. What is HeartShrineVillage?

HeartShrineVillage is an online role-playing community, based on the Naruto series, taking place in the village of Heart Shrine (aka Omoichidou), deep in the Land of Heart.
Though based in the Naruto universe, the community runs its own separate and unique story lines through art, interactive role-play and writing.  Members are able to join our own unique clans, with their own Kekkei Genkai, and learn techniques as they advance through the ranks.

2. That sounds pretty cool.  How do I join?

If you are interested in joining, watch the group and keep a look out for our admissions announcements. 
Information on how to apply will be provided and you'll begin the first steps to creating your own original character! :)

3. Are there any rules I should know about?

You can find our major group Rules right on the Rules blog.
All other rules are broken up by category and can be located quickly and easily by clicking on any of the pink buttons or sidebars provided in our blogs and main group pages, including our group gallery.

4. How strict do you run this group to the official Naruto series?

All events taking place within Heart Shrine Village are assumed to be distantly removed from the events of the core Naruto series and, generally speaking, we have no interaction with any official clans, plot lines or characters.
As far as the residents of Heart Shrine Village are concerned, those guys over in the Elemental Nations are literally on the other side of the planet and would have no reason to come to Heart Country at any time.

Players may not claim relation to any official character or clan at any time.

5. Does this group have assignments or prompts?

You can complete prompts to raise your stats, complete missions, level up skills, and participate in story arcs.  This is how you will grow your character while playing in our village.
All prompts, unless otherwise specified, are 100% optional and can be done at any time you feel like it. 

6. How active do you have to be in this group?

Generally, you can be as active or inactive as you want, so long as you give us a heads up.  Stuff happens, term papers sneak up on you, finals loom ominously, and hey sometimes you just need a break.  That is perfectly cool.
But, if we don't hear from you after a while, we might start to worry that you've been kidnapped by ninjas and contact you to inquire as to your general well-being.

Character Creation

1. How many OCs can I have?

You begin with one playable character and can unlock a second one after reaching the rank of chuunin
Your second playable character can either be a shinobi or a civilian.  Civilian characters will have their own prompts, which can be used to boost the stats of your shinobi characters.

2. Can I bring one of my existing OCs into this village?

Yes, as long as that OC complies with the group's rules
For example, Marisu Uchiha would not be considered acceptable, as we have a strict policy about our characters not being related to any official clans or characters.

3. How old should my OC be?

Academy arcs and prompts are treated as "Flashbacks," so when you are creating your character, try to think of an age they should be if they were standing in front of you and telling you all about their Academy days.
Time in this village is measured by the overall village, so all characters age at the same time.  One good way to choose age, is to look at the ages of the other player characters!

4. Can my OC have a Kekkei Genkai?

Not unless you are a member of one of Heart Shrine's official major clans.
Kekkei Genkai are open only to the members of the village's official major clans.  Even if your character is a member of these clans, it is not guaranteed that you will have a Kekkei Genkai.
Testing for Kekkei Genkai is only open to characters ranked genin or higher.

5. Can my OC be married/related to a Naruto canon character?

Please see our Rules for a complete list of OC traits that are considered unacceptable in character creation.

6. Can my OC have a tragic past?

Tragic back-stories containing explicit rape, incest, emotional, domestic, parental or sexual abuse are expressly FORBIDDEN and any player found to be in violation of this rule will be immediately removed from the group.

General Role-Playing

1. All right, I've been accepted! Now what do I do?

Have fun!
You can now fill out the prompts available for your rank and participate in our events and chatroom

2. What rank will I start with?

Everyone starts out as an Academy Student.  You will be able to level up as you continue to participate in the group.

3. Cool.  How do I play?

Prompts may be filled through art, writing, or active participation with other members of the group.
This can be anything from instant messaging to notes, comments or beyond.
For more information, please see the Roleplaying Overview.

4. Once I become a genin, can I still do the Academy prompts if I haven't finished them yet?

You can keep using all the prompts you haven't used before until you reach your rank-limit.

5. How do I get a team?

Teams are assigned by the village, but we need the right number of genin and Jounin Sensei to make up a good team!
The official team lists can be found by clicking on the Teams button in the sidebar or the link at the top of the blog entries.

6. Can I use other OCs in my stories or drawings?

It is highly recommended that you ask permission first and, out of respect to your fellow players, do your best to keep them in character.  Always be sure to check the Stat Wheels and profile information of that character before you use them.

7. What is my OC's element affinity?

When joining us, you're asked to select ONE elemental affinity you think fits best for your OC. :nod:
Elements are leveled, much like your character, which you can read more about on the Elements blog.

8. Can I have more that one elemental Affinity?

Yes, but not as a student or genin. You can EARN more elements as you rank up!

9. What are “Paths”?

Paths are specially created GROUP-exclusive system of jobs that will become open to you once you reach the rank of chuunin.
From there, you can choose your specialty and continue to level up.

Stat Boosting and Leveling Up

1. How are Stats decided?

You receive 10 Stat Points when you join us, and are free to distribute them according to your own designs of your character's strengths and weak points.

2. Are there Limits on how many boosts I can get?

 ACADEMY LEVEL --> 13 point limit
 GENIN LEVEL --> 17 point limit
 CHUUNIN LEVEL --> 23 point limit
 JOUNIN LEVEL --> 27 point limit
 ANBU LEVEL --> 30 point limit
 KAGE LEVEL --> 35.5 point limit

3. How do I boost my stats?

The original boosts come from the Academy prompts.  After that, we release various prompts throughout the year - they're our “ARCS”.
Different rules apply to different Arcs, but for the most part up to CHUUNIN level, you can boost your stats by doing 5 of the same category prompts to receive a .5 boost.

You CANNOT repeat the same prompts to count them as 5: they must be different.
You CAN bulk prompts to boost up faster (unless specified that you cannot), but you can have no more than 5 prompts per stat category in an entry, meaning no more than 40 (5 prompts x 8 stat categories = 40 prompts). If your entry is a drawing, you must list how you used them in the entry, as it is not as obvious as it is in writing where the prompts are bolded or clearly the basis for a central theme.

Stats can also be boosted through the completion of Element and Path Missions, which function in much the same way.

4. How often do you release stat-boosting abilities?

As often as we have new events.

5. Can I make my own Stat Wheel once I've earned boosts?

You're welcome to make your own stat wheel, however only official stat wheels released periodically throughout the year will be counted as valid.

6. How do I know what my Stat Wheel looks like currently?

You can find your OC's stat wheel either in the boosts or if it's not there, in the original stat wheels.

7. Where can I find a list of Prompts that have been used before?

Here they are!

Special Techniques and Jobs

1. What are the permitted jutsu?

Jutsu are primarily limited by your level, elemental level and chosen path.  Most jutsu are described by players and fall among standard techniques known to the majority of ninja, such as Substitution Jutsu or Elemental Bunshin.
Special Jutsu, such as Hiden Techniques and Kekkei Genkai, require you to be a member of a specific family or clan.
Unique official jutsu, such as Minato's Rasengan or Kakashi's Chidori, are unavailable to players.

2. Can My OC summon creatures, like Naruto summons toads?

Yes, if you so desire.
When you reach the rank of chuunin, the Summoner Path will be open to you, and you may gain your summon.
Certain clans only have an affinity for a certain type of animal, so your player may end up with a clan summon instead of being able to choose.

3. Can I be an ANBU?

Yes, if you work hard!
The ANBU path and rank are only open to players who have earned it, through completing all the requirements.

Other Questions

1. I lost my registration number, where can I find it?

Links to this list are found at the top of the blog entries for the group, through our main group page and all sidebar icons.

2. What does the Village look like?

Hidden Heart Shrine Village Map by Sorceress2000

3. Is there a designated hero to the world of Heart Shrine?

Yes :w00t:
MomoHSV : Momo's favorite plushie by Sorceress2000
Momo is a Non-Player Character of mysterious origin and ties to the village's most sacred of artifacts.  Just six years old, he harbors incredible power.
Players are free to interact with him on a regular basis.

4. Wow, this group has a lot going on!  Where do you find the ideas?

These ideas are all uniquely HeartShrine and we come up with them as we go. Some come from the admins, some come from the members. We're a very loving and active community and, if you choose to join us, you'll probably find some new friends.

5. Why does my OC have to wear at least one PINK thing?

Because pink is the official colour of HeartShrineVillage - for very important reasons! In HSV, it's either pink or nihil.
Check the amazing number of variations of PINK which we allow for the OCs to wear!

If there are any more questions you feel we need to add to this blog, please comment below!

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LilleHavfrue Featured By Owner Edited Jul 12, 2014
Hi! ;)
I wonder if anyone has news of Pack69Alpha.
It's been five days since I sent her a request to join the clan Fujihara, but she has not answered me and it's already close to terminate the period of Admissions.
I'm lost on what to do in this situation ...
ddsgale Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
For now I would submit your character's design without a last name and then talk to :iconspadiekitchenqueen: regarding joining the Fujihara clan. ^_^ That way at least your application is submitted and if for some reason neither Spadie or Pack get back to you before the deadline your character will at least have been submitted and the clan can be sorted out once they do get in touch with you. :)
LilleHavfrue Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014
Thank you so much for listening and for the tip. ;D
spadiekitchenqueen Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Can I have a look at the chara description? ;)
LilleHavfrue Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014
Sorry for the delay to reply.
Here's his app without the last name:
spadiekitchenqueen Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
No problem, I go have a look right now!
NanaEye Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
STupid question, but ... I can change my OC's main outfit, right? Of course, following HSV design proporcions.
kelsanity Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes you can ^^
dreamchaser21 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014
Of course you can!:D

There's definitely no limit to doing that.;P
NanaEye Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Then good XD
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