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November 15, 2012


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Thu Nov 15, 2012, 1:05 PM by Sorceress2000:iconsorceress2000:
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I join?

Click the “join” button!  It's that easy :aww: Also read the Membership blog.Once you've done so you will receive a packet of information with important details, please save it in your inbox fur future reference!

2. What if, contrary to the warning on the front page, I DO want to be a Wallflower?

Then just watch us :) Anyone is welcome to watch us!

3. Can I get kicked out or banned from this group?

Yes. If you are not even a tiny big active within the first month (academy, poll voting, a mini-bio/sketch, or a note to tell us you're busy) you will be kicked out :(
If after becoming active you are inactive without prior notice for over 6 months,your membership will be ceased. If you break any of our rules after the first warning, we'll have to ban you (that's the only way to get banned, actually :lol:)

4. After I join, what do I do?

After reading the information we send you, you can start creating your OC and looking into the Academy stuff to promote your ACADEMY STUDENT to a GENIN.

5. Wait?! Why is my OC an Academy student? I wanted to be a Jounin!

Everyone starts out in HSV as an Academy student  - and have multiple opportunities to promote their OCs to Jounin and higher!

6. What is HSV?

HSV stands for Heart Shrine Village :heart: also called Omoichidou.
Ironically, HSV also stands for the representation of points in RGB Colour Model.

7. Where can I find the group rules?

Right here →

8. Ahh! I lost the welcome info I received when I joined, where can I find it?

Most of it can be found all over the group in big bright pink links like these:

9. I lost my registration number, where can I find it?

Here! Links to this list are found at the top of most all blogs.

10. How do you Roleplay in this group?

Through chats, writing, and pictures... Here's a good blog explaining it →

11. Once I've joined, how do I get my team?

Teams are assigned by the village, and they will come together once we have the right number of genins and Team Leaders to make up a team.
The official team lists can be found →

12. What does the Village look like?

Hidden Heart Shrine Village Map by Sorceress2000

13. How do I make friends / form relationships?

The best way to do it is to just start talking to people! Everyone is very friendly and welcoming so don't feel scared to approach a new person. You can also check out the Matchmaker blog and post an “ad” there and check out the other OC's  relationships :nod:

14. Can I use other OCs in my stories/drawings?

Yes. It is recommended that you ask permission first, but if you wanted to surprise someone with their OC they wouldn't be offended that you didn't ask. But remember to keep them In Character. For this, we recommend you check out their personality charts!

15. Does this group have a chatroom?

Yes! And we're in there most every day (around afternoon/night in the US | mornings in Europe/Asia) :nod:

16. How are Stats decided?

You receive 10 Stat Points when you join us, and are free to distribute them according to your own designs of your character's strengths and weak points.

17. Once I become a genin, can I still do the Academy prompts if I haven't finished them yet?

Yup. You can keep using all the prompts you haven't used before until you reach your rank-limit.

18. Are there Limits on how many boosts I can get?

GENIN LEVEL → 17 point limit
CHUNIN LEVEL → 23 point limit
SPECIAL JOUNIN LEVEL → 27 point limit
JOUNIN LEVEL → 30 point limit
HIGH JOUNIN LEVEL → 35 point limit
KAGE LEVEL → 35.5 point limit
Ranks are to be be earned , more info soon!

19. How do I boost my stats?

The original boosts come from the Academy prompts.  After that, we release various prompts throughout the year - they're our “ARCS”.
Different rules apply to different Arcs, but for the most part up to CHUNIN level, you can boost your stats by doing 5 of the same category prompts to receive a .5 boost.
You CANNOT repeat the same prompts to count them as 5, they have to be different.
You CAN bulk prompts to boost up faster, but no more than 3 prompts per entry!

20. How often do you release stat-boosting abilities?

As often as we have new events, which is pretty often.

21. Can I make my own stat wheel once I've earned boosts?

Previously, this was forbidden. Only official stat wheels were acceptable - we released new ones periodically, and blogs announcing new stat wheels were released beforehand to allow people to count out their boosts and "turn them in" for new wheels.
Now we're working to allow you to keep your own track of your boostings :aww:

22. How do I know which level my OC has?

You can find your OC's stat wheel either in the boosts or if it's not there, in the original stat wheels.

23. Where can I find a list of Prompts that have been used before?

Here they are!

24. What is my OC's element affinity?

When joining us, you're asked to select ONE elemental affinity you think fits best for your OC :nod:

25. Can I have more that one elemental Affinity?

Yes, but not as a student or genin. You can EARN more elements as you rank up!

26. This seems like a lot of work, do I have to do everything?

There's nothing obligatory in HSV :aww: We are first and foremost about having fun. One of our members said it best, “Heartshrine is a place to relax, to have fun and to enjoy art!”
You'll meet great people and have loads of fun here. The only reason there's so much stuff going on is to encourage people to keep having fun and creating new things. But you don't HAVE to do anything :nod:

27. How active do you have to be in this group?

As stated on the front page, this is NOT a group where you can be a wallflower. If you are inactive for over 6 months, your membership is ceased, though you can still watch us, and you can still come back to us later on!
As stated above, nothing is obligatory, YET if you sign up for something, you DO have to keep us, and any team/partner you've signed up with informed if you suddenly have to take off somewhere.
Please don't sign up for something if you know you're going to go on vacation and will have no internet access. It's not nice to your partner(s) :no:

28. How many OCs can I have?

You begin with ONE playable character, and can UNLOCK a second one after reaching the rank of chuunin.
Civilians are allowed, but we honestly do not encourage them as 95% or our events are ninja-related + plus we want to encourage interaction between all the players! :la:

29. Can I take one of my already existing OCs and bring it to this village?

Yes and no. Yes you may take an OC you've created and give it a home here in HSV, however that OC MUST comply with all the group RULES! So either it already fits the rules or its backstory must be edited to fit the rules. It's up to you. For the most part new members CREATE a new OC after they've decided to join us :nod:

30. Does this group have timeskips? Or does it run on the pre/post-shippuuden schedule?

We will have timeskips, but not often. Also, we are NOT on the pre/post-shippuuden schedule, so don't give your OCs ages based on that.

31. I'm confused about what age to give my OC?

Time is measured by the VILLAGE -  so OCs will all age at the same time. You should NOT give your OC the Academy age even if they come in as Academy students since the Academy is treated as a “Flashback” since OCs can easily pass from academy students to genin in one day if they so choose. So when assigning your Age to an OC try to come up with an age you want to be their PERMANENT age. One good way to choose age, is to look at the ages of the other players!

32. Can my OC have a Kekkai Genkai?

MAY BE :eyes: If they belong to official HSV clans, a KG may or may not manifest itself. It will depend.

33. Can my OC be married/related to a Naruto canon character?

We want to encourage everyone to communicate amongst themselves so the CANON CHARACTERS and VILLAGES are Offlimits to HSV.
Other than having a Naruto-themed world, the Naruto-verse is excluded from HSV world.

34. Can my OC have a tragic past?

It violates our rules, and you should probably read them if you've asked yourself this question ;p

35. What is considered a “Tragic past”?

Any sexual trauma is FORBIDDEN. It is grounds for getting you BANNED from the group.
Murdered/massacred families and/or amnesia are considered a tragic past as well.
HSV is a happy, friendly, untouched village, so we don't want any tragedy. We don't mind drama (as long as it's funny), but this place isn't meant to be serious, so try to keep the tragedy away.

36. Is there a HERO to this village?

Yes :w00t:
MomoHSV : Momo's favorite plushie by Sorceress2000
It is quite clear in the Naruto fandom that a lot of RPers want to be the center of attention and want to be superpowered and want to be everyone's favorite person.
We don't want SUES in this village. We don't want Show-boats. We don't want Attention-seekers. We want Fun for all!
And having one "chosen one" is a sure-fire way to annoy/piss/irritate/etc -- so we've decided to satisfy this NEED to have a Hero, we've assigned it to our village's first NPC (a non-player character) -- a 6 year old little boy :D
Everyone is free to play with him, including babysitting him. Momo loves everyone! :XD:

37. What jutsu's are permitted?

We have a rank-based jutsu list →
They are also limited by your ELEMENT level and PATH.

38. What is an Element Level?

Every OC beings this group with ONE element.
Elements are divided into 4 Stages:
1. Novice
2. Skill
3. Talent
4. Mastery

39. Can My OC summon creatures, like Naruto summons toads?

Yes and No... You may summon creatures once you have determined that is your PATH - but not until the rank of CHUNIN.

40. If I get the Summoner Path, what animal can I summon, can I choose?

Yes and No. More to come soon... Also, Summoner's path will be reformed soon, and ALL paths will get access to summoning ninja animals. Stay tuned for updates!

41. Can I be an ANBU?

Sure, if you get that PATH. But if you're asking if you can just BECOME an ANBU as soon as you join, no. ANBU is both a RANK that is to be earned, and a PATH that must be chosen.

42. What are “Paths”?

Paths are specially created GROUP-exclusive system of jobs.
They are not available to you until you become a Chunin.

43. Does this group have assignments or prompts?

Oh so very very very many.
This group has prompts for ELEMENTS, prompts for STATS, prompts for MISSIONS, prompts for ARCs, and just lots and lots of prompts!

44. Do I have to do all of them?

The beauty of this group is that other than being active – and that includes just chatting with other members, voting, commenting on blogs and such, or if you really feel motivated (and you will be!) drawing or writing – You don't HAVE to do anything.
That is to say, nothing in this group is MANDATORY. Everything you do you can do at your own pace, in your own time, and as much or as little as you want to do. The only catch is, you can't do nothing. (SEE “No Wallflowers” Rule mentioned above)

45. Are there deadlines?

Yes and no. Generally, no you can submit anything at any time when you have time. However, there are “time sensitive” assignments/prompts/quests that if you participate in during the village “Arc” you usually get a bonus advantage -- like either poll battles where you could win a bigger boost, or win yourself a new element or ability :eyes: But other than that, there are no deadlines.

46. What's an “ARC”?

Like anime/manga/series, this group has “Arcs” meaning a temporary storyline. For instance, at the beginning we had the “Academy Arc” where the 40 members we originally got when the group opened up all attended the academy. Now, the academy is a flashback arc, so people do them individually.
We've also had our “Crimson Order (aka Bunny Invasion) Arc”, Where the village was invaded by a religious sect that were later turned into bunnies by Momo (see above). All past ARCs can be found in 2012 Arcs & 2013 Arcs :aww:

47. Missions... what are they?

In this group there are FOUR TYPES of MISSIONS
SOLO MISSIONS :: Individual scenario prompts
PAIR MISSIONS  ::  Collaborations between two members who have signed up.
TEAM MISSIONS  ::  Collaborations between teammates
Sign-ups are at the begining of each month!
PATH MISSIONS  :: These are exclusive to each individual path and DO NOT COUNT for the ELEMENT missions

48. What are the MISSIONS for?

Missions play into the ELEMENTS (see above) and the PATHS (see above) ranking systems.

49. Wow, this group is really active and unique, where do you find the ideas?

These ideas are all uniquely HeartShrine and we come up with them as we go. Some come from the admins, some come from the members. We're a very loving and active community and I assure you that if you join us, you will become obsessed :eyes:  HSV will be your life. You have been warned. ;p

50. When does this Village Open up for Enrollment?

Atm we're testing our sanity and keep the group permanently open for admissions :XD:

51. I hear I need SPONSORS to join, what are sponsors and why do I need them?

Thankfully, this info is outdated. More on previous trials → here.

52. Why does my OC have to wear PINK?

Because pink is the official colour of HeartShrineVillage - for very important reasons! In HSV, it's either pink or nihil.
Check the amazing number  of variations of PINK which we allow for the OCs to wear!

If there are any more questions you feel we need to add to this blog, please comment below!

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LilleHavfrue Featured By Owner Edited Jul 12, 2014
Hi! ;)
I wonder if anyone has news of Pack69Alpha.
It's been five days since I sent her a request to join the clan Fujihara, but she has not answered me and it's already close to terminate the period of Admissions.
I'm lost on what to do in this situation ...
ddsgale Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
For now I would submit your character's design without a last name and then talk to :iconspadiekitchenqueen: regarding joining the Fujihara clan. ^_^ That way at least your application is submitted and if for some reason neither Spadie or Pack get back to you before the deadline your character will at least have been submitted and the clan can be sorted out once they do get in touch with you. :)
LilleHavfrue Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014
Thank you so much for listening and for the tip. ;D
spadiekitchenqueen Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Can I have a look at the chara description? ;)
LilleHavfrue Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014
Sorry for the delay to reply.
Here's his app without the last name:
spadiekitchenqueen Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
No problem, I go have a look right now!
NanaEye Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
STupid question, but ... I can change my OC's main outfit, right? Of course, following HSV design proporcions.
kelsanity Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes you can ^^
dreamchaser21 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014
Of course you can!:D

There's definitely no limit to doing that.;P
NanaEye Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Then good XD
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