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LOVE is our Ninja Way!

Countdown to Stat Sheets Due

Countdown ended
Sunday, September 13th @ 11:59pm

Yay, new stat wheels on their way!

Friendly Warning :



→ Chunin and Jounin Exams Begin August 1st!

→ Official Teams to be released end of August - Beginning of September!

→ Timeskip planned for late this year!
Stay tuned for updates! :iconhypnolaplz:






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In Omoichidou, you're safe from the troubles of the world.
In Omoichidou, you can finally learn what "love" means.
In Omoichidou, all your hardships vanish.

Feel the power of the true love!

And since we're having excessive fun here, better beware of the cracks :XD:


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Recent Journal Entries

October Arc :: Harvest Festival

Thu Oct 1, 2015, 10:03 PM by Rikku9314:iconrikku9314:
Top Heart

Thank the spirits, it was finally over.

Finally, they were free from that infernal cycle.

The number of loops had been different for each person. Numbers were compared. One hundred and seventy-eight. Six hundred and thirty-three.  Fifty two. It was even heard from one person that their singular replay of their first day of academy had lasted the full three days of sleep that had fallen over the village.

It was the intelligence division that had figured out it had been three days, based on the pattern of the stars and the moon’s cycle the evening they had all awoken. Panic had occurred initially; a lot could happen in three days. Was anyone or anything missing? Was anyone hurt? A census completed in one day led to the assurance that all villagers were accounted for. Not one paper or cup or kunai was out of place anywhere in the village. It was as if time had frozen within the walls of Omoichidou, while the rest of the world had continued on around them.

The Mikokage had ordered that the villagers resume their normal work as if the strange incident had not occurred in the first place. A festival was to be planned to help her subjects forget that they’d fallen victim to such a strange supernatural occurrence.

Naturally, the field workers of the village were in a panic. Three whole days of harvest had not been lost. Three days of hard work had been taken away from them, and they were now dreadfully behind.

And with the festival fast approaching, how could they ever hope to get all of their work done on time?!


Autumn is in the air in Omoichidou! But the season is short in the village, and the harvest needs to be done fast before Jack Frost comes along and ruins all of the crops...

That being said, it's never a case of all work and no play in the village of love, and everyone is looking forward to the Harvest Festival!

Solo Mission: You notice that it's fall by the unmistakable rain shower coming down. No need to worry though, I know you have just the perfect outfit in your closet to go outside anyway! Show it off!

Pair Mission: Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, It's a Kite! But wait, isn't there someone on it? Isn't this your partner?...weren't you supposed to hold the cord? Get them back down and fast!

:bulletpink: xMoonspirit // keiArtx // The-Young-Cetra
:bulletpink: Kasu-Cat // thebabyangel2
:bulletpink: AzarniXx // kelsanity
:bulletpink: BlossomsCherry // Fern-Sama
:bulletpink: Nyoko-Hime-Chan // Taminki
:bulletpink: Y-uno // george3222
:bulletpink: Rikku9314 // ChasingTheDreamAgain
:bulletpink: MiyuKyuu // NejiRenji15
:bulletpink: YunaWaterRose // Simanada
:bulletpink: Gabirushis // yinyangswings
:bulletpink: mandarain-a // lovely-lolo
:bulletpink: Suiton-kun // TobatoJello
:bulletpink: RamonaChan // KawaiiNeko-chan12

Team Mission: Every team is assigned to help with the baking and cooking of the great feast! Draw or write about your team in the kitchen

Path Missions:
Medic: Everyone is getting stomach aches from eating all of this delicious food! Go on some house calls and give them some treatment to make sure they're ready to go back out for another night at the festival; and don't forget to do some scolding on that little thing called gluttony....
Assassin: Once again your skills aren't used in their intended purpose, but as the path with the most secure and silent step on walls and ceilings, you were assigned a special task as a surprise for the villagers. Hang up the decorations for the festival while everyone else is asleep!
Illusionist: With the harvest festival here, Halloween is also right around the corner. Use your skills to create a rather fun, yet still spooky, genjutsu haunted house!
Intelligence: Use your knowledge to pick out the best and freshest produce and help bring it to the Mikokage tower for the big village feast
Weapons: Help the village farmers with their harvest! Get out into the fields and bring in those apples, pumpkins, and more!
ANBU: As a jack of all trades you are supposed to know a bit of everything, but farming apparently isn't a part of that. But you're great at guarding the Mikokage, so guarding the pumpkin pies from those sneaky Infiltrators should be a piece of cake.......right?
Infiltration: Those pumpkin pies sure do smell good coming from the bakery, but the festival isn't until tonight! Sneak inside and have just a small taste...but don't get caught!
Priesthood: Go to the shrines with the villagers and thank the spirits along with them for a bountiful harvest!

:bulletpink: Ninjutsu: autumn // pie // thankful // community // fruition
:bulletpink: Taijutsu: apple // pumpkin // turkey // delicacy // oven
:bulletpink: Genjutsu: bake // recipe // ham // gravy // pots & pans
:bulletpink: Intelligence: celebrate // roast // gourmet // cornucopia // reap what you sow
:bulletpink: Force: feast // sauce // delicious // potatoes // bobbing
:bulletpink: Speed: gobble // serve // appetite // trimmings // haunted house
:bulletpink: Stamina: harvest // squash // decorations // fields // seasonal
:bulletpink: Seals: leaves // stuffing // blessings // cranberry // togetherness

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